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Taming the Market – Part 1/3: The Mindset
November 15, 2023
In this, the first of 3 posts on the subject matter of how to insulate your portfolio against volatility, to create a strategy you can feel comfortable staying invested in through challenging markets - we focus on a simple philosophical mindset shift that will first be required.
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The Missing Piece In Wealthtech May Just Be Humans
November 9, 2023
While computers and AI have improved efficiency, many believe that human concern and advice will continue to be the most meaningful part of the financial industry. FinTech works to improve efficiency of administrative tasks; which in turn gives us more time to worry about my clients wealth, wellness and well-being.
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How to pay less tax this year if you're an incorporated business owner
November 1, 2023
Financial strategies such as these, when combined with valuable tax advice, can help you to build wealth and face your future with more confidence
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Preparing the Next Generation for Wealth - Steps for Success
October 25, 2023
In the second and final post of our “Preparing the Next Generation for Wealth” series, we look at aspects to not overlook in the planning stages and ways you can help prepare the next generation to become good custodians of the family legacy.
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Preparing the Next Generation for Wealth - Why It Matters
October 25, 2023
Most people turn to a financial advisor simply for a tax-efficient estate plan to ensure their heirs inherit as much as possible. But what good is that if the next generation are ill-equipped to deal with it, either because the money comes as a surprise or because they’re too entitled to handle such a windfall?
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Why Are You Really Still Working?
October 18, 2023
Back in August we dedicated our blog posts to the theme of re-envisioning retirement as an opportunity to re-invent one’s life. Forbes is weighing in on the subject matter of why people who are nearing retirement age continue to work.
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Adding New Money Part 1: Choosing the REIT path
October 4, 2023
If you are a long-term buy and hold investor with a typical cash, bond and stock portfolio you might be feeling a little down right now, no pun intended. Your portfolio probably peaked a couple of years ago and has been grinding along sideways since. But fear not, for those still accumulating, this is an opportunity.
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Proposed Tax Changes in Canada Could Stifle Large Charitable Gifts
September 26, 2023
When making a larger charitable donation to your choice of cause(s) it is sometimes encouraged to consider donating investments (ie. not the cash proceeds) because of amazingly generous tax benefits.
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Why The Hype Around Private Investments?
September 21, 2023
You may be hearing more about Private Investments these days and wondering if they are suitable. The first question you may have is why the focus on them now?
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Why Wait Until Retirement To Maximize The Joy In Your Life?
September 6, 2023
Sometimes we spend so much time preparing for what’s to come, that we forget to maximize the joy in our every day.
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