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Financial Life Strategy
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Are you paying more than your fair share of taxes?


What would you like your wealth to accomplish? What is your investment comfort zone?


Can you spend with greater confidence and live with more comfort?


Looking for strategies to dig your way out of debt or use debt more wisely?

There is often a delicate balance between our immediate and long-term needs due to competing priorities – This can sometimes lead to frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty

Financial Life Strategy is an on-going service based on optimizing your lifestyle, as well as your financial affairs, including tax-efficiency, estate planning and philanthropy. High-net-worth individuals often ask us, “What is the most I can spend and give and still achieve my goals?”
Together, we help you create a maximum sustainable cash flow so you can focus on the things that mean most to you.

Our expertise also includes tax-efficient wealth harvesting, trusts and inter-generational transfers, estate planning and planning for persons with disabilities. Whatever decisions you face, we are here to support you with the information and professional resources you may need.


If you knew you’d have enough money, how would you live your life differently? Are there experiences or objectives that you want to accomplish?


Are you comfortable knowing that if anything happened to you that your loved ones would be taken care of?


Is your estate set up to minimize taxes? If you predecease your loved ones or become incapable of taking care of yourself, do those most dear to you know how to carry on?

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