When it comes to Investment and Wealth Management,

Vancouver Investors look to ETF Capital Management!

For investment and wealth management, Vancouver investors look to us because we build human portfolios, designed to achieve your investment goals, weather the ups and downs of the market, and give you the confidence to sleep at night. That’s what Vancouver wants from a wealth management service.
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Vancouver boasts an economy that’s as diverse as its population. With all this going for it, it’s no surprise that Vancouver and surrounding areas, are where much of ETF Capital Management’s investment and wealth management clientele reside.

British Columbia has significant industries in mining, oil, and gas production – and Vancouver is home to many of the companies in these spaces. In recent decades Vancouver has become a major hub for tourism and film, creating an economic boon. It is estimated that 1 in every 15 jobs in Vancouver are now in tourism and related industries.

Vancouver is also home to the highest priced real estate in all of Canada. Accordingly, construction and related trades are a massive industry in Vancouver. Everything related to purchasing and owning real estate has benefitted, including the banking and insurance sectors (not to mention the realtors).

As Canada’s largest West Coast port, import/export and logistics businesses hum in Vancouver, and the city is home to a great many successful entrepreneurs – especially in the software and technology space.

With so many savvy professionals, when it comes to investment and wealth management, Vancouver investors are active and interested in maximizing their investment portfolios. Because of this, Vancouver is a regular fixture on Larry Berman’s speaking circuit. Recently we added stops in the Fraser Valley area (generally once a year), for the convenience of residents living further from the city.

Larry Berman and the ETF Capital Management team always enjoy our stops in Vancouver because it affords Larry and partners the opportunity to meet with the firm’s investment and wealth management clients, who call Vancouver home, but often come from all over the globe including Japan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

Whenever an investor engages our portfolio management team, we work to come up with a realistic and effective wealth management plan that suits the unique and specific circumstances and goals of the individual.

To find out more about ETF Capital Management or for a complimentary review of your portfolio please contact us today by calling 1-888-383-9753
To find out more about ETF Capital Management or for a complimentary review of your portfolio please contact us today by calling 1-888-383-9753 or visit our website at www.etfcm.com
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