In the area of wealth and investment management,
Ottawa investors can depend on ETF Capital Management.

ETF Capital Management can help you build an effective and properly diversified investment strategy.
When it comes to wealth management and investment management, ETF Capital Management is a wealth and investment management company in Ottawa that practices to the highest standard.

Ottawa has always been a dynamic city, with a flair for entrepreneurship – especially in the high-tech space. Certainly some of Canada’s greatest technology companies have their roots in Ottawa. In our experience providing investment management services, Ottawa investors in this space often have a large concentration of wealth in a single company, or in a particular sector (tech being a prime example). This is where prudent financial planning comes into play. We help our clients mitigate their concentration risk with the right risk-management tools, including a properly diversified investment strategy, and the right corporate structuring and tax advice.

The tech space is not the only industry booming in Ottawa. As the 6th largest city in Canada and the home of the Federal Government, the knowledge-based support services sector, software sector, telecommunications, Cleantech, e-Business and defence sectors have all set the stage for entrepreneurial success. Canadians who work in these sectors must give serious consideration to wealth and investment management because like everyone, they want to grow their net worth.

In the area of investment management, Ottawa investors are flocking in droves to companies like ETF for investment and wealth management services to grow their portfolios.

Our office in Ottawa allows us to be more accessible to our wealth and investment management client base, but it also keeps us connected to the pulse of Canada’s evolving fiscal and monetary policies. The policymakers on Parliament Hill set the tone for macro-economic trends that have a prolific impact on Canadian business, and thus Canadian financial markets, so Ottawa is also where much of our research attention is focused.

Investors across Canada turn to ETFCM for Investment Management, because we understand the unique wealth and investment management needs of investors from province to province.

Whatever your wealth management needs, ETF Capital Management Ottawa would be pleased to get to know you, and present you with a customized proposal. You’re more than a number, so let us show you what’s possible for your unique circumstances and financial goals!

To find out more about ETF Capital Management or for a complimentary review of your portfolio please contact us today by calling 1-888-383-9753
To find out more about ETF Capital Management or for a complimentary review of your portfolio please contact us today by calling 1-888-383-9753 or visit our website at
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